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Prepare Your Kids For Summer Job Expenses

By Jason Alderman High school and college students hoping to find temporary jobs may be in for a tough time this summer – once again – as they compete with older, more experienced workers in a still-struggling economy. That’s bad news not only because of lost income, but because summer jobs provide valuable work experience that can help pad their resumes. I’ll share a few job-hunting suggestions below, but first, …Read More

Should You Adjust Your Tax Withholding?

By Jason Alderman Now that tax day has passed chances are you’re either waiting patiently for your 2011 tax refund to arrive, it’s already been spent, or you just wrote the U.S. Treasury a check and are in budget-cutting mode. It’s difficult to calculate exactly how much you will owe in taxes unless your income and family situation are identical from year to year. But going more than a few …Read More