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Improving Millennials’ Financial Literacy with Mobile Technology

By Jason Alderman The global growth of handheld digital devices among younger people is transforming the way consumers are getting their information in general and financial information in particular. On April 15, the 2015 Financial Literacy Summit, co-hosted by Visa Inc. and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, brought together senior international financial literacy experts to discuss how mobile technology can improve financial literacy for today’s young adults. Millennials refers …Read More

Savings Tips Help Take the Bummer out of Summer

By Bruce McClary Summer is a time of fun and relaxation, but the gentle breezes and the sound of the ocean surf can be replaced by the sound of an emptying savings account. The NFCC wants to help consumers avoid the top money wasters that could get in the way of fun in the sun.   Impulsive Travel – Hastily booking a trip at the last minute can be very expensive, mostly …Read More

A Guide to Travel Insurance  

By Jason Alderman Without travel insurance, medical emergencies, accidents, theft and legal threats on foreign or domestic trips can carry price tags big enough to wreck a person or family’s personal finances. Travel insurance can help, but buying smart means doing the right amount of research first and smart trip-planning afterward. Here are some tips to help find travel coverage that fits your needs and destination.   Check your personal …Read More

Affording Fido: A Cost Checklist for a New Pet

By Jason Alderman Most of us have friends and family who treat their pets like humans. They’ll scrutinize pet food nutrition labels, hire the best obedience instructors, and buy an overwhelming amount of toys and treats. When their pet falls ill, many won’t think twice about paying for advanced veterinary care that can cost thousands of dollars for a single surgery or course of treatment. It’s not unusual to see …Read More

Why Rent-to-Own is the Wrong Choice for You

By Jesse Campbell There are a lot of times when renting makes sense. When you fly into a new city and you have a lot of traveling to do, rent a car. When you’re on vacation and want to explore that beautiful little seaside town, rent a bike. When you’re throwing a big party and have a lot of guests coming, rent a tent. Renting makes sense in those instances …Read More

Fair Housing

By Bruce McClary The passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968 heralded a new era of economic opportunity for millions, protecting buyers and renters from discrimination. While many are aware of its existence, it is not uncommon to find confusion over specific protections and enforcement. As providers of housing and rental counseling, it is important to understand the key elements of the Act and how action can be taken …Read More

NFCC® Announces Participation in CFPB Financial Education Exchange

By Bruce McClary Financial educators and consumers share many of the same goals in the ever changing world of personal finance, including the need to stay up-to-date with the latest information and resources. The NFCC is pleased to announce participation in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new Financial Education Exchange (CFPB FinEx) unveiled today. “Financial educators rely on quality training and resources to help them serve consumers,” said NFCC president and …Read More

Debt and the Deceased: How Should Spouses and Heirs Proceed?

By Jason Alderman When a loved one dies, is it possible to inherit their debt? It’s a serious question for heirs and particularly for couples who hold debt jointly. In most cases, a deceased person’s debts fall to their estate for payment. However, depending on state law, shared credit relationships and the amount of debt in question, surviving family members may be shocked to learn that they could be legally …Read More

Love Your Mom and Your Budget

By Jesse Campbell Mother’s Day has been a national holiday in the United States for over one hundred years now. Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation in 1914 declaring that the second Sunday in May would be a day to celebrate and honor mothers. It’s been all flowers, cards, and Sunday afternoon phone calls since then. By no means was Mother’s Day ever intended to be what we like to call …Read More