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Score a Victory on Black Friday

By Gail Cunningham When you play to win, you must play a mistake-free game. If consumers want to come out in the win column on Black Friday, they’ll need to study the game plan before ever taking the field. The NFCC offers the following keys to the game: Don’t get penalized for buying a gift card with high fees or from a store that is on shaky financial ground and could …Read More

Help Your Grandkids Become Financially Responsible

By Neale Godfrey I have used this blog to continue to help parents teach financial responsibility to their children of specific age groups.  Now I am going to talk to you, the grandparents, about your participation in the education process. Why Grandparents? Aside from the desire for your grandkids to have the best of everything, you also want them to be financially secure and savvy. Due to your unique access and …Read More

Holiday Overspending Can Have Long-Term Consequences

By Gail Cunningham Millions of consumers have begun their holiday shopping, snagging sale items either in-person or online, and therefore considering themselves savvy shoppers. At the same time, many lost sight of the fact that regardless of the price, a bargain isn’t a smart purchase if it compromises a person’s overall financial health. If there’s one time of the year when people shop with their heart, not their head, it’s …Read More

Tips on Finding Cash for Holiday Expenses

By Gail Cunningham Many people are entering the largest shopping season of the year financially ill-prepared. For some, the ghosts of Christmases past are still haunting them in the form of unmanageable credit card debt. For others, finding $800, the amount the National Retail Federation estimates that consumers will spend during the holidays this year, is seemingly beyond their reach. For the many Americans who struggle to meet daily living …Read More

How to Pay Back Credit Card Debt and Avoid Ruining Your Credit Score

By Melinda Opperman The mechanics of calculating credit scores aren’t exactly intuitive; many people have the impression that good behavior like paying off credit card debt can be bad for one’s credit score. These people wonder if there is a way to pay back credit cards without ruining your credit? The answer is yes, of course. The main thing to watch out for is to not close your open credit …Read More

NFCC Unveils Redesigned Website with Easier Access to Critical Services

By Gail Cunningham The NFCC recently launched its newly redesigned website, www.NFCC.org. Whether consumers are interested in improving their level of financial literacy with tools such as educational podcasts and videos, projecting future payments through a bevy of online calculators, or locating an NFCC member agency to find solutions to their financial concerns, the enhanced tools and navigation will create a more streamlined experience. “The NFCC is continually looking for …Read More

Are Extended Warranties Worth the Cost?

By Jason Alderman You know the drill: You’re in final negotiations to buy a new car, and the dealer is urging you to protect your $20,000-plus investment by purchasing an extended warranty (also known as a service contract). Or, you get a similar pitch at the checkout line when buying a new appliance or electronic device. Are these costly add-ons worth the expense or simply a sucker bet intended to …Read More

Holiday Spending Tips

By Mark Foster When it comes to holiday spending, planning ahead is absolutely essential. A basic budget of how much can be spent can prevent the headache of holiday overspending in the following months. Of course, it is all too easy to spend too much money on gifts. The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday and it is a once a year shopping phenomenon; the biggest of all shopping …Read More

NFCC® Recognizes Service Members This Veteran’s Day

By Gail Cunningham The NFCC is proud to recognize Veterans Day, the anniversary of the end of World War I, and honor United States veterans and victims of all wars. The NFCC also takes this opportunity to salute military families during Military Family Appreciation Month, applauding those who stand behind the service member by providing support and making sacrifices of their own. “Throughout its 63-year history, the NFCC and its member …Read More

The Do-It-All Roth IRA – Part II

By Gary Silverman In my last blog I broached the subject of using the Roth IRA as the primary savings vehicle for young people just starting their adult financial lives. It would be the place to deposit their emergency savings, and to save up money for larger future purchases as well as the start of their retirement savings. We left the article with a series of questions I want to …Read More