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 4 Considerations Before Buying into an HOA

By Tali Wee Homebuyers are inundated with countless property assessments and inspections during their buying processes, but many overlook thorough evaluation of homeowners associations (HOA). In certain communities, homeowners are required to join HOAs and pay monthly fees as membership. Typically, community members govern their HOAs, setting community guidelines, managing disturbances, solving safety concerns, and […]

 Consumer Reporting Agencies Follow Your Moves

By Jason Alderman By now, you’ve probably heard about the Big Three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion), which monitor your financial history and issue credit reports and credit scores to potential lenders. But did you know that there are dozens of other specialty consumer reporting agencies that track your history for activities that may […]

 Parents: You Have to Talk Money Before You can Teach Money

By Neale Godrey President Obama proclaimed this past April to be National Financial Capability Month, commonly referred to as National Financial Literacy Month and said “…we renew our drive to give all Americans the tools to navigate the financial world and gain the economic freedom to pursue their own measure of happiness.” This goal may […]

 What Does a Working Kitchen Need?

By Donna Freedman A blog post over at Get Rich Slowly asks readers which cooking utensils/equipment they couldn’t live without. “In the kitchen: When less is more” posits that plenty of the things marketed as necessities end up as just so much culinary clutter. “How much do you need to have a working kitchen?” asks […]

 NFCC Honors Clients of the Year at Annual Leaders Conference

By Gail Cunningham Not many people would say that accumulating $38,000 in credit card debt was one of the best things that ever happened to them. Nonetheless, that’s how the NFCC’s 2014 PACE Clients of the Year, Jonathan and Hope Unverzagt, sum up their experience. The Unverzagts were honored with the prestigious award during the […]

 The Ins and Outs of 529 College Savings Plans

By Jason Alderman For many people, their biggest expenses in life are funding retirement, buying a home, and paying for their children’s college education – or a portion of it, anyway. Setting aside money for these and other financial goals is difficult, especially when you’re trying to save for them all simultaneously and from a […]

 NFCC Distributes Thousands of Free Financial Education Resource Tools

By Gail Cunningham During the first year of NFCC’s Sharpen Your Financial Focus(TM) program, more than 18,000 12-month memberships to Experian’s product were distributed to consumers at no cost to them. Program participants are eligible to receive the free 12-month membership to the product through a generous donation from Experian in support of […]

 6th Annual Jump$tart Educator Conference
Now Open for Registration

By Drew Kessler Calling all teachers! Registration is now open for the 6th Annual Jump$tart National Educator Conference, devoted to classroom educators who teach personal finance or want to incorporate money lessons into other subject matter, grades PreK-12.  Join Jump$tart November 8-10, 2014 at the Omni Hotel at California Plaza, Los Angeles, CA. Through the generosity of […]

 Divorcing? Protect Your Finances,
Personal Data

By Jason Alderman No doubt you’ve seen many warnings against sharing personal or financial information with strangers, but what about your spouse – or ex-spouse? A recent study by McAfee revealed some unsettling findings: Although 96 percent of adults surveyed trust their significant other with passwords, intimate photos, and other personal content they’ve shared via […]

 What is a Credit Score Hard Pull?

By Melinda Opperman When your credit report is pulled for any reason, it is counted as an “inquiry”. There are two kinds of inquiries; hard and soft. A hard inquiry is when your credit report is pulled by a financial institution for credit purposes. That is, if someone is considering whether or not to give you a […]