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What is Wrong With My Industry? Part Three

By Gary Silverman This is the last part of a series designed to show you how to spot the bad folks in the investment world (my world). So far we have covered people who lie, cheat, and steal; people who act recklessly; and now I want to look at people whose judgment is clouded by conflicts of interest. Anytime someone is giving you advice, one of the most important things …Read More

How to Avoid an Online Vacation Rental Scam

By Jason Alderman Imagine you’re planning a much-needed vacation. You rent a home using an online site and pay in full to secure the deal. You board your flight and travel to your destination, excited to be far away from work and ready to relax. You arrive at your rental to get the keys – and find out you’ve been scammed. Here’s how it typically works: Cyberthieves create a fake …Read More

Credit Counselor Dunn: Debt Relief and Stress Relief

By Cliff Goldstein Career experts often say the key to professional success is finding a vocation that matches your passion. By that measure alone, Robert Dunn is a success. As a credit counselor for Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo, Dunn spends his days helping people understand their finances and make better decisions about their money. “My strength, and what makes my heart beat, is helping people who need help,” says …Read More

NFCC Receives $2.3 Million Housing Grant

By Bruce McClary The NFCC is pleased to announce that it has received a grant award totaling $2.3 million from NeighborWorks® America to support foreclosure prevention efforts through its member agencies. The NFCC grant is part of $44.8 million in federally appropriated funds awarded through NeighborWorks® America’s National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program to 18 HUD approved Housing Counseling Intermediaries, 25 State Housing Finance Agencies, and 68 community-based NeighborWorks® organizations to …Read More

NFCC Poll Reveals How Taxpayers Plan to Use Their Tax Refunds

By Bruce McClary NFCC’s February online poll revealed that most taxpayers (68%) would prefer to pay down their debt with a tax refund this year instead of growing their personal savings. These poll results indicate that debt is still getting in the way of personal savings for many Americans. While there are a number of good reasons to become less dependent on tax refunds, it is wise to have a …Read More

What is Wrong With My Industry? Part Two

By Gary Silverman In my last posting I began a series designed to show you how to spot the bad folks in the investment world (my business). I’ve rounded up the usual suspects into 3 categories: People who lie, cheat, and steal; People who act recklessly; and People whose judgment is clouded by conflicts of interest. Last week we covered the liars, cheaters, and stealers. This week, let’s look at …Read More

NFCC Encourages Consumers to Know Their Rights

By Bruce McClary National Consumer Protection Week is being observed from March 1-7, and the NFCC is participating by connecting consumers to resources that can improve their level of financial protection. Consumers who are informed about their rights have an advantage over those who don’t. The following tips can help people learn more about managing their personal finances while protecting themselves from scams and abusive practices: Know the consumer rights …Read More

Tips for Renting a Home When Your Credit is Poor

By Stacy Johnson If you’ve ever found yourself in search of a new place to live and your credit is less than perfect, you probably know it’s not easy. It may be especially difficult right now, because in many U.S. cities, rental properties are in short supply, and demand is high. A tight market generally means the qualification criteria will be more stringent to weed out applicants. But there are ways to persuade landlords …Read More

NFCC Supports America Saves Week

By Bruce McCleary The NFCC is proud to support America Saves Week February 23 – 28, 2015. America Saves is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior, and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status. Savings is the foundation for financial stability, especially in challenging economic times. Goals like homeownership and retirement are difficult to reach without a healthy savings account. Americans wondering if …Read More

The High Cost of Health Insurance

By Laura Mangis It’s all anyone is talking about these days: health care and health insurance. You needed to have healthcare insurance by March 31st, 2014, or you would risk getting fined. Whether you have it through an employer, parent, or you are purchasing it for yourself on the Health Insurance Marketplace, you need to be well informed. But a lot of people are still in the dark about the whole “health care …Read More