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Identity Theft Protection

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Simple Steps Lead To Financial Protection

By Gail Cunningham Personal finances have become increasingly complex, yet hardly a day goes by that doesn’t involve a financial transaction. Realizing that there are those eager to separate consumers from their money and destroy their financial reputation makes financial protection take on a new level of importance.    In recognition of Consumer Protection Week, the NFCC challenges consumers to add a layer of security to their financial future by putting the following …Read More

Don’t Take Advice From a Movie Character
When Putting Personal Finances in Order

By Gail Cunningham Millions will watch the upcoming Golden Globe Awards. Some will be envious of the movie stars’ talent and lifestyle.  However, even though the stars’ lives may appear glamorous, it might not be financially smart to think like some of the characters that have been portrayed on the big screen throughout the years. The NFCC reflects on the following famous movie lines and relates them to personal finance:  “Gone with …Read More

Finding Your Lost Money

By Jason Alderman You may not know it, but millions of Americans are owed money from long-forgotten government payments, stock sales, bank accounts, and other lost accounts. When the entities holding these funds can’t find the rightful recipients, they turn over the money to individual states, which hold it in escrow until claimed. According to the nonprofit National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), state treasuries and other government agencies …Read More

Thousands Receive Identity Theft Protection Education Through National Initiative

By Gail Cunningham, NFCC Vice President of Membership & Public Relations The NFCC’s Protect Your Identity Week reached more than 21,000 consumers with identity theft protection education during the October 16-22 campaign.  This year the NFCC welcomed the National Sheriffs’ Association and the National Association of Triads as co-hosts. Highlights of the campaign are as follows: Eighty-seven events  were held across the country; More than 700 tons of personal documents were …Read More

What To Do If You Are a Victim of Identity Theft

By Melinda Opperman Sr. VP & Executive Director, Springboard Education Foundation Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management Identity theft has been the top consumer complaint to the Federal Trade commission for the past eleven years in a row.  If you are a victim there are steps you can take to regain control of your personal information.  What To Do If You Are a Victim Start with the FTC. The Federal Trade …Read More

Identity Thieves Find New Ways to Steal Personal Information

Americans go to great lengths to protect against being robbed.  We lock our doors, install alarm systems in our homes and cars, and insure our valuables.  Many, however, do not pay an equal amount of attention to the crime that impacted more than eight million consumers last year, the crime of identity theft. Recognizing that education is the key to prevention, the NFCC, National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), and National Association of …Read More

Identity Theft Thieves Prey On Consumers in Many Ways

By Melinda Opperman Sr. VP & Executive Director, Springboard Education Foundation Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management Reports about identity theft tend to focus on the theft of credit information, but that’s just one form of ID theft. There are other ways identity thieves prey on consumers that everyone should be aware of. Credit card fraud This common type of identity theft can include anything from stealing and using someone else’s …Read More

Avoid Credit and Debit Card Fraud: Get High-Tech Security on Your Next Card

By the AllClear ID team Vanessa here from AllClear ID.  If you use one of Bank of America’s credit cards you can feel a little safer: the bank scored the highest in an annual tally of card issuers’ efforts in identity theft protection. In Javelin Strategy and Research’s seventh annual Card Issuer’s Safety Scorecard, Bank of America scored tops in all three categories — prevention, detection and resolution — to …Read More

NFCC Launches 4th Annual National Protect Your Identity Week

Over 8 million people are victimized by identity theft each year, with ID theft remaining the top complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. There have been breaches of secure information in nearly every sector of the business community as well as the education, healthcare, banking, and even government sectors.  Everyone, even children, is at risk of identity theft. The NFCC is proud once again to take the lead in this …Read More

Your Standard Paper Shredder May Not Prevent Identity Theft

By the AllClear ID team Vanessa here from AllClear ID.  As we’ve mentioned many times before, paper shredders are a key component of identity theft protection, but there’s a new “unshredding” technology that makes it easier to restore shredded documents which could undermine your identity theft protection efforts. The new technology was put in the spotlight a couple of years ago when financier R. Allen Stanford was accused of running …Read More