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 Don’t Have 20 Percent to Put Down?
Not a Problem.

By Chris Birk The days of scraping together a 20 percent down payment are mostly gone among today’s homebuyers, and it’s unclear if they’ll return. The average homebuyer puts down 16 percent of the purchase price, a 9.4 percent drop since May 2011, according to LendingTree. But it’s certainly possible for prospective buyers to lock into a [...]

 What You Should Know
When Buying A Home

By Stacy Johnson It seems like everyone gets new-house fever in the spring, but if you’re serious about buying, prime time for making a purchase may be right around the corner instead. Real estate site Trulia says house searches cool off in the fall, and slow to a crawl in December. What does that mean [...]

 Borrowing Against the House

By Gary Silverman Interest rates are low. They are low because the Federal Reserve wants them low. The Fed wants them low to encourage borrowing. They know that borrowed money is spent money. And spent money is good for the economy, even if it’s not good for the spender. Because of this, and a perceived [...]

 Avoid These Home-seller Mistakes

By Jason Alderman Now that the housing market has finally begun to stabilize in many areas and interest rates remain at historically low levels, more and more homebuyers and sellers are dipping their toes back in the water. If you’re planning to sell your home you need to understand the tax implications of selling a [...]

 Which Is Better?
Renting or Buying a Home?

By Stacy Johnson Before our nation’s housing crisis began in 2007 the rent-vs.-buy question wasn’t really a question at all. Because the answer was: If you can afford it and you’re going to stay put long enough to recoup the transaction costs you buy. Simple. That’s because for the generations leading up to the Great Recession [...]

 Foreclosure Prevention

By Lauralynn Schueckler Owning a home or condo can be a rewarding experience in the life of many people. While homeownership is most often an emotionally gratifying occurrence for an individual or family it can sometimes be difficult to manage some of the financial burdens associated with owning a home. Since many people use mortgages [...]

 How Housing Counseling Could Help You

By Lauralynn  Schueckler Whether you are thinking of buying your own home or are already a homeowner, housing counseling can offer valuable help when you need it most. It is a common misconception to believe that housing counseling is only for people whose mortgages are underwater or those who have bad credit.  For those who are [...]

 NFCC Poll Reveals Consumers’ Top Financial Regrets

By: Gail Cunningham A recent online poll by the NFCC allowed consumers to select their greatest financial regret.  Of more than 2,200 respondents, 53 percent indicated that habitually overspending was what they regretted most. Overspending far outweighed other financial concerns such as inadequately saving (18 percent), insufficiently preparing for retirement (14 percent), not having bought a house [...]

 How to Avoid Being a Bad Roommate

By Jason Alderman For many people, having roommates is a natural transition between leaving their parent’s house and buying their own home. It can be a great way to trim expenses and save for the future. But if you’re not careful, cohabitating can also devolve into constant bickering over finances and dirty dishes. Roommate tensions [...]

 Consumers Eager To Buy A House
Or Improve Existing One

By Gail Cunningham According to a recent poll hosted on the NFCC website,, the American dream of homeownership is alive and well. When asked what they were most anxious to do if their financial situation were to improve, more than half, 51%, indicated they would buy a home. Home repairs and improvements captured the second highest [...]