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Health & Finances

Don’t Be Surprised by Retiree Healthcare Costs

By Jason Alderman Retirement isn’t cheap. Even though you’re no longer drawing a paycheck you still must pay for housing, food, utilities, transportation, and healthcare to name just a few expenses. As prices continue to escalate, it’s not surprising that the ages at which people expect to retire — and when they actually do — have crept up in recent years. Many factors are at play: People are still recovering …Read More

Under 26? Should You Stay on Your Parent’s Health Insurance?

By Jason Alderman In their quest to land a job, any job, many young adults will sacrifice what used to be called “fringe benefits” to gain a foot in the door. But many entry-level jobs either offer no healthcare benefits, or the employee’s cost share is prohibitive for someone barely making minimum wage. Add to the equation that most twentysomethings are in good health and rarely visit the doctor, and …Read More

Debt Can Affect Your Health

So many people have debts these days that they are allowing it to affect their health. The cause of people’s ailments such as depression, ulcers, and heart attacks a lot of the time is caused due to worrying about how they are going to pay their debts. Throughout this decade and the last, debt-related stress has only been increasing. Some major reasons why people fall into debt can tied to the …Read More