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 For A Better Credit Score
Should You Carry A Balance On Your Cards?

By Mark Foster A question our financial educators are often asked by people is if it is better for their credit score to carry a balance on their credit cards every month instead of having a zero balance. Actually, that is one of the most popular credit myths – that it’s better to carry a [...]

 Have Residency, but No Credit?

By Erica Sandberg Dear Erica, I am a permanent resident with a Social Security number, but no credit. How can I start or build credit? – Mario  Dear Mario, Almost everyone has to jump over a hurdle or two to get their very first unsecured credit card. Issuers are sensible for being discriminating — wouldn’t you be? [...]

 Credit Cards Can Be Friend or Foe
to College Students

 By Gail Cunningham While parent’s mail boxes are filling with credit card bills from summer vacations and back-to-school shopping, their college-aged child is likely receiving offers for credit cards of their own. Due to the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act of 2009 (CARD Act), young adults under the age of 21 applying for [...]

 The Value of Credit Counseling in Everyday Life

By Lauralynn Schueckler Credit counseling is often an overlooked free financial tool in our busy everyday lives. We need good credit for everything these days as we transition to less and less cash in our lives. The truth is good credit is not only for financing, but it’s also essential in setting up utilities, getting [...]

 Can Old Debt Threaten a Great Credit Score?

By Erica Sandberg Dear Erica, Do I need to be concerned about my credit score being affected in the future if I ignore attempts to collect from an agency after the statute of limitation for my state has expired? Currently I am in the mid-700 range because I have “bitten the bullet”, and paid a [...]

 How to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

By Barb Miller Most people I work with are very concerned about improving their credit scores post-bankruptcy. This is a good thing since nearly all important transactions like finding a job, buying insurance, financing a car or home, or even renting an apartment may well depend on your credit score. The good news is you [...]

 Clearing Up the Considerable Confusion
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Gift Cards

By John Ulzheimer Ok, I get it…the world of financial services can be complicated and confusing. It’s hard to calculate APRs, and it’s hard to forecast interest paid on long term credit card debt. And, according to a recent survey by VantageScore Solutions and The Consumer Federation of America, consumers don’t know very much about credit [...]

 Be Cautious When Borrowing Money

By Melinda Opperman Often when people turn to credit counseling it’s because they have experienced a financial crisis, sometimes caused by an unexpected reduction in income, or a medical emergency. Credit counseling educates consumers about creating a spending plan, and saving money, while reducing one’s dependence on credit. While the decision to borrow money whether [...]

 What Exactly is the Revolving Credit Card
Utilization Percentage?

By John Ulzheimer     If you follow personal finance related blogs or websites you’ve undoubtedly seen the phrase “revolving utilization.” And, if you’re a credit junkie, like me, you’ve written about it countless times. Long story short, the revolving utilization percentage is one of the most important credit score measurements applied to your credit reports, and [...]

 The Main Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

By Mark Foster  There are various factors involved in raising a credit score, but when it comes down to it just two key factors are responsible for an incredible 65% of your score – how timely you pay your bills and how much you owe. The less you owe, the better your credit score. The credit scoring [...]