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November 2011

Founded in 1951, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling is the largest serving nonprofit financial counseling organization. Find various topics in this blog, including personal finance, credit counseling, housing, budgeting and student loan help. Click here to speak with an NFCC-certified Consumer Credit Counselor.

Study Indicates that Holistic Financial Counseling Significantly Improves the Performance of Distressed Mortgage Loan Portfolios

  Mortgage investors and servicers can avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in losses by providing borrowers with counseling that lowers monthly spending and frees up cash New research by the noted STRATMOR Group reveals that providing holistic financial counseling to borrowers who are at risk of default and foreclosure can not only prevent foreclosure, but also can reduce re-default rates for borrowers. According to the November 2011 study, holistic …Read More

How to Get Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

While you’re busy scouring job websites online, did you know that the majority of job listings won’t pop up in your search? 80 percent of available job positions aren’t listed, according to the founder of CollegeRecruiter.com, Steven Rothberg. This brings us back to the importance of networking. Diligently looking for jobs online is helpful, but using your network of friends, family, and work buddies will help you see results faster. …Read More

Thousands Receive Identity Theft Protection Education Through National Initiative

By Gail Cunningham, NFCC Vice President of Membership & Public Relations The NFCC’s Protect Your Identity Week reached more than 21,000 consumers with identity theft protection education during the October 16-22 campaign.  This year the NFCC welcomed the National Sheriffs’ Association and the National Association of Triads as co-hosts. Highlights of the campaign are as follows: Eighty-seven events  were held across the country; More than 700 tons of personal documents were …Read More

Top 5 Free Black Friday
& Holiday Shopping Apps

According to the National Retail Federation, 152 million shoppers plan on braving the Black Friday crowds this weekend and will spend an estimated $465.6 billion at retail outlets during the 2011 holiday shopping season—a 2.8 percent increase over 2010. Widely recognized as the busiest shopping day of the year, retailers nationwide will open their doors in the early morning hours on Friday to kick off the 2011 holiday shopping season …Read More

Five Smart Tips On Choosing a Prepaid Debit Card

1. Use: Determine where and how you will use the card, to pay bills, save, shop, buy groceries, or get cash at the ATM. Also, decide what features are important for you to have with a card such as a savings program so you find the one that best meets your needs. Cards can be conveniently purchased at financial institutions, online or at grocery, big box and drug stores. 2. …Read More

Five Things To Do Before Leaving Home On Black Friday

NFCC Offers Tips on Preparing for the Largest Shopping Day of the Year By Gail Cunningham, NFCC Vice President of Membership & Public Relations For many, shopping on Black Friday has become as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey, with friends and families whipping up a shopping strategy along with the dressing and gravy. The NFCC advises consumers to shop smart by planning ahead.  Following are five steps consumers should …Read More

Budget Now to Offset Holiday Spending

By Jason Alderman Senior Director, Global Financial Education, Visa, Inc. It’s tough sticking to your budget any time of year, but the holiday season presents special challenges with so many unexpected expenses and temptations. If you sometimes fall prey to holiday overspending, you might want to look for ways to make small spending cuts in other areas of your life – year round – that, when added together, can result …Read More

Do’s & Don’ts for Black Friday & the Holiday Shopping Season

By Sara Gilbert, Group Manager for the Colorado branch of GreenPath Debt Solutions It is a little over one week until the official start of the 2011 holiday shopping season.  Retailers will be out of the chutes early this year with some stores opening on Thanksgiving, or starting their Black Friday sales at midnight in the wee hours of Black Friday. According to the National Retailer’s Federation the expectation is that …Read More

Are You Addicted To Your Bad Financial Habits?

By Gail Cunningham, NFCC Vice President of Membership & Public Relations The Great American Smokeout on November 17th is a day dedicated to helping consumers overcome their addiction to the smoking habit. The nationwide event encourages people to put down their cigarettes in favor of a healthier lifestyle. The NFCC also supports a healthy lifestyle, one which includes financial health.  In addition to the known health risks associated with smoking, it …Read More

Investing in the Bank of You

By Gary Silverman, CFP® Banks make investments. Some of these investments are loans, and some of these loans are mortgages. Does a mortgage not sound like an investment? Well, it is if you are the bank. How it works is simple. The bank invests money by making a loan to the person buying the house. In exchange, each month the borrower makes payments to this loan. In the beginning, most …Read More