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NFCC Blog: Staying the Course

Involving Kids in Family Vacation Planning

By Jason Alderman Travel can be a great learning experience. Asking your kids to help research and execute arrangements on a future trip can be an even better one. Learning about actual costs involved in the average family vacation can be an eye-opener for kids. By planning all or part of the trip, kids can gain an understanding of how to bargain hunt, budget and save money. Here are a …Read More

NFCC Releases 2015 Financial Literacy Survey

By Bruce McClary The NFCC and NerdWallet, a personal finance website, released the results of the 2015 Financial Literacy Survey conducted online on their behalf in March by Harris Poll among more than 2,000 U.S. adults ages 18-plus. In its ninth year, the survey provides a look at the American consumer’s level of knowledge as it relates to financial literacy, as well as trends associated with personal finance behavior. In the …Read More

A Vacation That Won’t Ruin Your Finances

By Mark Foster Vacations are right around the corner for many families. If you’re not careful, a trip can hurt the family’s finances, making it difficult to pay the bills. To avoid this, the first step to vacation planning is to decide where you want to go, right? Wrong! The first step is to look at your finances and calculate how much vacation you can afford. There’s no sense in …Read More

NFCC Supports National Retirement Planning Week®

By Drew Kessler The NFCC is proud to announce that it will be supporting National Retirement Planning Week® 2015 – a national effort to encourage Americans to plan for their financial needs in retirement. National Retirement Planning Week® 2015 will take place from April 13 to 17. The week is organized by the National Retirement Planning Coalition – a group of prominent education, consumer advocacy, and financial services organizations, which recognize …Read More

FAFSA Primer: How to Navigate Through the College Aid Maze

By Jason Alderman Figuring out college financial aid can be complex. Today, applying for assistance starts online – with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a 130-question form that determines who qualifies for a piece of $150 billion in federal grants, loans, and work-study funds. Whether you’re a parent with a child currently in diapers or a student planning to graduate high school fairly soon, it is worthwhile …Read More

Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

By Lauralynn Mangis This is the time of year when keeping up with vehicle maintenance becomes so important. As the snow and ice begin to melt the roads are littered with huge pot-holes. It is a good idea to make sure your car is in the best shape possible to avoid accidents or other damage from happening. The most important thing a motorist can do to extend the life of their …Read More

NFCC Acquires Student Loan Alliance®

By Bruce McClary The NFCC is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Student Loan Alliance® (SLA). This announcement heralds a new chapter in counseling services for consumers struggling to repay their student loans. Student loan debt recently surpassed credit card debt at $1.3 trillion, and is now second only to mortgages in terms of total consumer debt. Among the 43 million total federal student borrowers, 7.3 million are at least …Read More

Money Saving Strategies That Fit Your Personality

By Jesse Campbell Squirrels have it easy. They have a natural instinct that tells them, “Hey, you need to start saving food right now if you want to make it through the winter.” It’s a behavior that’s born into them. They don’t have to motivate themselves to find nuts and stash them away. They just do it. As humans, we have many natural instincts, but saving money is rarely one …Read More

What is Wrong With My Industry? Part Three

By Gary Silverman This is the last part of a series designed to show you how to spot the bad folks in the investment world (my world). So far we have covered people who lie, cheat, and steal; people who act recklessly; and now I want to look at people whose judgment is clouded by conflicts of interest. Anytime someone is giving you advice, one of the most important things …Read More

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Finances!

By Lauralynn Mangis It’s here!!! I’m talking about the wonderful season called spring, of course. With this season comes a new hope, new life, rejuvenation, and everything feels renewed. Many people start the seemingly never-ending process of “Spring Cleaning” their homes, but what about their personal finances? Spring is also an ideal time to consider getting organized, simplifying your budgeting and savings process, and setting yourself up for financial success in …Read More