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NFCC Blog: Staying the Course

Stretching The Dollar While Back-To-School Shopping

By Drew Kessler Back-to-school time can be bittersweet for parents and kids alike. For kids it means an end to the care-free days of summer. And for parents it means an expensive annual tradition. But back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to break the bank. By planning ahead, there are plenty of ways to be a smart shopper and save. The NFCC suggests the following tips for parents as they kick-off back-to-school …Read More

3 Tips for Buyers Bidding on Competitive Homes

By Tali Wee Entering a bidding war can be one of the most stressful scenarios for homebuyers. Having to compete with other buyers offering more than the asking price can be emotionally and financially draining. While not the preferred purchase method, bidding wars can provide positive results for buyers who implement key strategies that accommodate sellers’ wishes. To enhance the odds of receiving an accepted offer on a hot home, follow …Read More

Millennials Help Your Parents To Wake Up To Their Retirement Crisis

By Neale Godfrey We are facing a real retirement crisis in this country. And, many Baby Boomers are not taking their retirement seriously enough. There’s an interesting philosophy about the best way to live: run out of money when you run out of steam. In fact, Stephen Pollan, renowned attorney, life coach, and personal finance expert, even wrote a book about it called, Die Broke. I truly believe that the …Read More

What To Do If Someone Files A False Tax Return in Your Name

By Nat Sillin Few things cause more concern than a letter in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Though the agency sends out letters or notices for many reasons, identity theft is one of the fastest-growing issues for the IRS. In short, identity thieves have been capturing Social Security numbers and other tax filing data file fraudulent returns for the purpose of stealing tax refunds. This has been a …Read More

Poll Results Show Credit Cards Stay Home This Summer

By Bruce McClary The June online poll conducted by the NFCC revealed how consumers intend to pay for their summer vacations this year. Among the available choices, the credit card seems to be the one most likely to face the same fate as Kevin from the movie Home Alone. According to the survey responses, people preferred to enjoy vacation with their own cash or debit cards. Sorry credit! It is natural to be …Read More

10 Things to Give Up in Order to Save Money

By Lauralynn Schueckler No matter what your income level is, learning how to budget and save a little money each month is a valuable skill. If you’re dealing with a change in income, mounting debt or have exhausted your emergency fund due to an unexpected need, then saving will help you regain financial health. If you are struggling to find extra cash in an already tight budget, try giving some …Read More

Income-Based Repayment Option for Student Loan Debt

By Drew Kessler You’ve done it. After years of hard work, you’ve finally earned your degree and graduated from college. What’s next? Finding a job and a place to live, budgeting for basic living expenses, and hopefully starting to put money away for the future. For about two-thirds of college graduates, paying off student loan debt is an additional priority. The average graduate leaves school with around $26,000 in student …Read More

Ways to Save Money on a Last-Minute Summer Trip

By Nat Sillin Maybe your spouse or partner needs a well-deserved break. Or perhaps the kids have said, “I’m bored!” a few times too often during their summer vacation. If you, your partner or your family want – or need – to get out of town, how do you improvise a great last-minute trip without breaking the bank? Start with a notion that’s a bit counter-intuitive. To become an effective travel …Read More

Mission Possible: Budgeting With A Yo-Yo Income

By Mark Foster In our budgeting classes with adults, one question often pops up – “How do I budget with fluctuating paychecks?” If your paycheck amount yo-yo’s instead of staying the same each period, it certainly is more challenging to create a budget and make it work, but it isn’t Mission Impossible. Look at what your minimum paycheck amount tends to be and budget using that. Too many people do …Read More

Money Management for the “Boomerang” Household

By Nat Sillin Multi-generational households are nothing new – before 1950, parents, kids, grandparents and extended family members living under the same roof was not only common, but also smart. Combined households sharing living expenses, childcare, eldercare and maintenance duties made life more affordable. Due to recent economic realities, multi-generational living has been on the rise for many families. A 2014 Pew Research Center analysis showed that a record 57 million Americans …Read More